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Parties That Cook Welcomes Summer Intern: Meet our Newest Marketer

This week, the Parties That Cook team is excited to welcome a new Marketing Intern! As with any PTC intern, we’re showing her the ropes and teaching her what it really means to be a corporate events company. It’s only day 2 of her 3-month stint with us, and we’ve already shipped her out to see our San Francisco team in action. As we tell most folks who are unfamiliar with our hands-on cooking parties, the best way to fully grasp what we do is to experience it, first-hand. I’ll let her introduce herself – take it away, Erin!

Hey all,  I cannot even begin to express how thrilled I am to be working with Parties That Cook for the summer! This is a company that, after only one day, has proven to be even more amazing than it looked on paper — err, online. There are many reasons to come to San Francisco, but first and foremost for me is to learn. I first heard about Parties That Cook through my college, Bibby Gignilliat’s alma mater. I first thought, “How could one company manage to take everything I love about life (food and people) and spice it up by making a career out of it?!” Luckily, they selected me for the internship, and now I get to spend the summer here.

I have been in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. What began as an excuse to eat cookie dough has morphed into a journal of recipe clippings, “Iron Chef” parties complete with judges and secret ingredients, and more recently, elaborate and elegant dinner parties with parents and friends. Basically, the kitchen is where the party’s at.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, I’m already impressed with the San Francisco food scene. There are so many restaurants to experience and enjoy. And so much SUSHI! It actually reminds me of Boulder, CO. Walking down Pearl Street, you can satisfy just about any craving you can think of – delicious and exciting! Still, my favorite eateries are the local hole-in-the-walls.

If you ever find yourself in the Denver area, I recommend checking out El Tejado, a local go-to for Mexican fare (IF you are in the know, that is). They might just make the best Carne Asada I’ve ever tasted. I’m drooling just thinking about it! And their Tomatillo Sauce… YUM. One great thing about tomatillo sauce is that it goes with practically everything: scrambled eggs, tamales and especially quesadillas, a college girl’s best friend. In fact, while I was browsing through the PTC recipe library, I came across this gem of a Quesadilla Recipe: Cheddar, Bacon and Leek Quesadillas with Tomatilla Sauce.  If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen!

Parties That Cook Corporate Team Build Event Recap: Quadruple Threat

Boy was September a busy month for Parties That Cook! With 28 events in only 2 weeks, we had a little time to spare! Now that we’ve got a chance to breathe before our mad holiday rush, we’re taking a look at 4 of those 28 crazy events.

First on our list: another Genentech event. On September 9th, Genentech host, Jessica S., brought this group of about 80 to San Francisco’s Ferry Building. According to Jessica, “I thought the outside venue at the Ferry Building was very creative and different! This was a beautiful venue, not to mention entertaining with all the public roaming around to watch. It was the perfect experience of San Francisco for those who don’t get to venture into the city too often.” And we agree – The Ferry Building is a great venue for large groups!

Chef Scott led this Small Plates event with an added competition aspect, and he thought it was a great event. Jessica confirmed, stating, “My group had an AMAZING time and appreciate all of [the] staff’s enthusiasm and hard work during our event! The best part of our cooking party was the culmination of the actual cooking and the presentations given by each team. Our group really got into the competition and we were very entertained watching each spokes person present their dishes!” Sounds like a fun group!

Jessica also reported that she thought Chef Scott was awesome, and that the other staff was absolutely wonderful. She added, “They were very nice, warm and inviting. The chefs assigned to each table were extremely knowledgeable about their craft and open to any and all questions about the food and cooking. The group was excited to work together in teams, but having a professional chef to assist them through this adventure was VERY helpful!” She thought the food was actually amazing, explaining, “Parties That Cook gave us wonderful and fresh ingredients that made the food taste delicious!”

A few days later, Omnicell hosted a fun Kitchen Challenge event at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose. This group of about 40 arrived at 3pm to a pantry of ingredients like Chicken Breast, Quinoa, Tomatoes and Zucchini. For dessert (the one dish they’re given a recipe for), host Michelle S. selected our Warm Chocolate Budino with Raspberry Sauce. Yum!

Chef Laura reported that the event went really well. The guests quickly warmed up, and there was a nice balance of jokers in the group that made for a fun event. Sounds like we have another great group of guests! According to Melissa, “Chef Laura was wonderful. I couldn’t ask for a better chef, and the rest of the staff was very much engaged and helped when needed.”

Melissa also added that everyone had a great time. The Kitchen Challenge event was engaging and got everyone away from normal work activity, but they’re open to trying other corporate team building activities from Parties That Cook in the future! Who knows, they might even take advantage of our option to host the event at their offices. We love that attitude!

The very next day, Navigant hosted a traditional Small Plates event at the Ferry Building – their second time there. Based on the verbal feedback he received from guests, Chef Irfan reported that the event was a success! There was a lot of fun and joking going on, and Irfan thought the guests were a delight to work with. Everyone loved the food, and there were basically NO leftovers! He explained that it was due to an “excellent selection of dishes. During the presentation, we focused on the international nature of the dishes chosen, and labeled it ‘A trip around the world’. For the dessert (our Double Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Tartlets), Chef Carolyn had a great idea. We mixed crumbled cookies with the mousse, and served it in cups. The clients loved it!” Nicely done team!

Navigant host, Erin P., later told us, “The best part was that it took almost no effort on my part to plan or set up. All I had to do was pick a date, pick out dishes (great choices!), and pick the music. Parties that Cook took care of everything else! Everyone was so impressed that everything was prepared and ready to go when we got there, and that the staff was very courteous and helpful. It was perfect! Everything was so delicious! The arepas were the most popular, followed by the hazelnut tarts, but EVERYTHING was eaten!”

When asked about Chef Irfan, Navigant host, Erin P. said, “He was very fun, as well as professional. We learned a lot from his tips demonstration, and he also showed us how to tweak dishes along the way for an extra special experience. All of the staff were super professional and courteous and very helpful. Rosie, as well as other staff, helped answer all of my questions and made the whole planning experience very simple. My office has worked with Parties That Cook before and the parties are always so fun and educational! There is a great opportunity to network and mingle while we prepare food and share wine. It’s great! I’m very impressed with all of the options that Parties That Cook offers.” Aw, shucks, Erin!

Finally, let’s chat about LBA Realty’s Kitchen Challenge on September 22nd. Lead Chef Jed could tell they had fun, and received many compliments before the night was done!

Host Kaylen P. thought the best part of the cooking party was the team building aspect. On behalf of her team of about 20 guests, she added, “Everyone got into their roles and as a group created two delicious meals. The event was definitely a success. Jed was entertaining and got our group excited. Everyone was enjoyable to work with and very helpful.” Kaylen even reported having received emails the next morning from her team saying it was their “Best team-building event”! Now that’s what we like to hear!!

If you would like to see your Parties That Cook event featured in a blog, let us know!
See you in the kitchen soon!