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Get a Taste of Taste & Technique – The perfect corporate event for large groups!

No Pressure! Taste & TechnqueThey came. They cooked. They left with a much clearer idea of what Parties That Cook does. What am I referring to? Each year, Parties That Cook offers complimentary events for potential clients. We essentially stage a full-blown hands-on cooking party just for event planners interested in our event services.

This season, we opted to provide our guests with a taste of “Taste & Technique”. Over 100 guests arrived to experience our newest event type specifically designed for large corporate groups. And we were ready…

Welcome Table

Ready at the welcome table. Hi Kelle!

Wine Works
Dogpatch WineWorks was an excellent venue to accommodate our large group.

The aprons were set.

Cheese Platter
The antipasti platters were ready.

Even the wine glasses eagerly anticipated the arrival of guests.

Blind Taste Test
Our Exploration Stations were prepped and looking particularly inviting. These activities included a “blind” taste test, an interactive herbs and spices station, and tricky trivia!

HerbsSpicesCrepe Station
And now, on to the Cooking Stations…

Pizza Station
The evening’s menu included a variety of savory small plates. At each station, guests were encourage to help make spring rolls (with new-found knife skills), fill, form, and fry dumplings, grill pizza, and roll sushi. For dessert, guests made and enjoyed sweet crepes filled with dulce de leche. Yum!

Sushi SidesSpring RollsCrowd
Before we knew it, the place was packed! To our delight, guests were just as eager to sample each recipe and participate in the cooking as we were to teach them.

Crepes in the makingPizza Lesson
Of course, our chefs rocked it under pressure.

Guests were pleased to have learned new skills.

And equally entertained by chef shenanigans.

Pizza Station

The chefs clearly had a ton of fun, too!

The food was absolutely delicious! Our 100+ guest chefs did a fantastic job, and many would not stop raving about their favorite recipes. Overall, the event was an incredible success. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, from our partners, to our staff, and even our lovely guest chefs.

If you’re planning for a large group, or have any questions about Taste & Technique, feel free to contact us with questions! Start Party Planning Now

Networking 101: Making Friends at Seattle’s Northwest Event Show

Last Tuesday, Parties That Cook took advantage of an opportunity to meet key players in the event planning industry. We sent our very own Director of Marketing, Crissy, up to Seattle for the Northwest Event Show. Though only our first trip, this meeting and event planners’ show has been around for over a decade! A great resource for event planners, and an even better chance for exhibitors to get exposure, we were excited to go –or at least be well represented!

Crissy’s first challenge: design the 8’ x 8’ Parties That Cook booth in an attention-grabbing yet attractive way. I would say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! This tall, dark and handsome mannequin not only left the event with a fan base that would make Old Navy’s mannequins jealous, but kept our team company through the six-hour event.

Despite there being over 250 exhibitors present, we ran into a few of the venues we partner with! It was great to see representatives from Efeste Winery and 415 Westlake. John Chen, CEO of Playtime, Inc. was also there. John is our go-to guy for all things geoteaming, and has been a great partner in putting on our new Cooking with Cache Challenge! This new addition to our event types is a friendly cooking competition taken to the extreme –highly recommended for those looking for a unique kitchen adventure.

All in all, the Northwest Event Show was a success! We are so glad to have met new contacts with companies like Microsoft, Bing, Amazon, Boeing, and REI among others. All of us at Parties That Cook look forward to working with or perhaps partnering with our new acquaintances and the great team building companies we met last week.