Foodies Get in Gear for Dine Around Seattle!

Dine Around SeattleAre you a fan of local eateries or just a foodie in general? Whether you’re a resident of Seattle or just visiting for a while, don’t miss Dine Around Seattle! Established thirteen years back, and run by Seattle Good Business Network since 2012, this tradition helps to shine light on Seattle’s renown foods while generating millions of dollars to support the local economy and community. Dine Around Seattle attracts tens of thousands of residents and visitors to local Seattle restaurants, and for a good reason! Buying from local, independently owned businesses helps support and sustain a healthy local economy.

Dine About SeattleThis year, from November 3rd to the 27th, over 50 of Seattle’s best independent restaurants will participate, offering a delicious 3 course dinner menu for only $30 Sundays through Thursdays and a 3 course lunch for $15 Sunday through Fridays (excluding Sunday Brunch).  The list of participating restaurants, along with more information about the event, can be found here. Take some time to enjoy a nice lunch or evening meal at Seattle’s finest restaurants!

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