Parties That Cook’s Corporate Holiday Party Round Up: Early November

I know it’s been a while since we’ve taken a peek at our corporate events. Time to get back to the grind, and have some fun reminiscing about holiday cooking parties! We’re going to pick up right about where we left off: Early November. We had quite the start, with 26 corporate team building events in the first couple of weeks. Seems like Christmas came early this year!

On November 2nd, Indiana University‘s Kelley School of Business opted to host a Small Plates event in the San Francisco venue, Cookhouse. Indiana University host, Christine Z., is no stranger to Parties That Cook events – she’s hosted three over the past three years! Why does Christine keep coming back? “Great customer service and they’re easy to work with.” Sounds good to me! She noted that she thought this event was successful because of the laid back atmosphere (no wonder they keep picking Sumptuous Small Plates events!).

A couple of days later, on November 4th, Broadcom host Melissa D. wanted to push her team out of their comfort zone, and give them something they wouldn’t be used to. With a Cupcake Wars baking competition, boy did she accomplish her goals! Lead Chef Carolyn reported that though the 32 men in this group were a little hesitant at first, it didn’t take long for them to get into it. She added that they had a lot of fun and got very creative. And from the photos (some pictured here), you would think these were professional bakers! It can’t get any better than a perfect score on our post-event survey!

That same day, a group from the Hewlett Foundation participated in a Chef’s Table group cooking event. Host Christine T. explains, “I had never done a cooking class with a group before this, so I was a little nervous about how it would work – turned out great! It was lots of fun, food was great. I’d say it was definitely a success!” She knew she wanted to host a hands-on cooking event, and went with Parties That Cook after seeing our reviews. She added that “The food was so good! Maybe too good… We were completely stuffed by the end!” Still, I must say thanks for taking that leap of faith, Christine! I’m glad we delivered “A positive experience, from beginning to end.”

The third and final event of the day was held in a gorgeous private home with Align Technology, Inc. Host Tina B. opted for a Chef’s Table after deciding that Parties That Cook had the “best of what [she] saw both in terms of referrals and online menus.” After the event, she commented that the event “was very successful. We had a lot of fun and the team was great. The chef was perfect.” Nicely done, Scott! It’s great to hear that we live up to expectations!

Rounding out this blog post, we have a Chicago Kitchen Challenge event for Pepsi Co. Host Linda B. actually found us by searching the internet for “team building events“! LOVE IT. According to all-star Lead Chef Heidi, “Clients loved it! The host, Linda, must’ve said a dozen times, ‘this is awesome’. She was happy with the party from the moment that they arrived, and all the guests were thrilled at the end of the night.” Linda herself echoed the report, saying, “The night was great everything exceeded our expectations. Heidi and the team were awesome leaders. The event was successful because of their leadership but also because we all came to have fun.” Fantastic!

If you would like to see your event featured in a Parties That Cook blog, let us know! We’d be delighted to whip up something about your event for your company newsletter or team email!

Happy Holidays!

Parties That Cook’s Holiday Raw Cleanse with Brigitte’s Naturally Alive

The holiday season is in full swing with pies, cookies, and all things creamy taking center stage. Worried about how all of these tasty treats will affect how you look in that little black dress on New Year’s Eve? Give this a try: Start cleansing your diet early.

Earlier in the year, Parties That Cook founder and CEO, Bibby G., benefited from a week-long cleanse using Brigitte’s Naturally Alive green smoothies. Brigitte Center is the mind behind the delicious green smoothie program. She specializes in raw diets that help you eat and live well. Some of us in the office were surprised to see Bibby actually enjoying this suspiciously green beverage… Until we learned that while the smoothie is chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals found in leafy dark greens, it tastes more like fruit juice than spinach! Trying a green smoothie is a great way to fortify your diet with the nutrients we need, but most of us don’t get enough of. The sweetness of the added fruits will also help satisfy your sweet tooth while the holiday cookies are taunting you from the kitchen.

Check out Brigitte’s Naturally Alive website for more ideas on how to improve your health with other nutritious smoothie recipes. If you’re looking for recipes that look a little more familiar, she’s got those too. This year, mix up your holiday staples with equally satisfying drinkables that are actually healthful — like her RAW Mexican Maca Hot Chocolate.

The holidays are a time for sharing, so spread some of the good cheer by bringing a healthy appetizer to your holiday party. Not only will everyone love this Mediterranean Spread, but they will also have a little extra good will towards man (or woman, as it is the case in our office).

You may be looking to improve your diet as a lifestyle choice, to help combat one of many different diet-related maladies, or perhaps it really is for that dress. In any case, there is no time like to present to start! Don’t wait until January 1 to resolve to treating your body better, check out the links above, because healthy and holiday can go hand in hand.

Want to host a healthy holiday cooking party? Let us know! We can work with you to create a custom menu with dishes that fit your dietary goals. We hope to see you in the kitchen soon!