How To Save Your Holiday Party from Getting the Ax

Holiday spirits have hit an all time low with many companies choosing to slash holiday party budgets, opting for small potluck gatherings or canceling the party all-together.

While immediate cutbacks make sense from a financial standpoint, canceling the end-of-the-year celebration can be short-sighted… hard-working employees will leave for the holidays disgruntled and unmotivated for a new year that seems equally dismal.

Fear not, we’re here to help with a smart alternative that will save this year’s company holiday party. We call it our “Appetite Stimulus Plan.”

cooking partyAt a fraction of the cost of a traditional dinner with free flowing wine, you can host a do-it-yourself cooking party, where guests attend a cooking class, create a gourmet meal, then sit-down to a dining celebration.

5 Insider Tips for Low-Cost Holiday Cooking Parties:

1) Host the party in your office or home versus renting a professional kitchen. Saves over $600.

2) Opt for our Sumptuous Small Plates appetizer party, instead of a full meal. Saves $20+ per person.

3) BYOB the alcoholic beverages (example: Two-Buck Chuck wine). Stick to just beer and wine only. Saves $5+ per person.

4) Skip traditional employee gifts and order party favors like logo chocolates or logo mint tins for as low as $2.55 per person. Saves $10+ per person.

5) Take advantage of our monthly SideDish Special. From $200 off your event, to free party favors and complimentary champagne toasts, the special varies from month to month. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the scoop on the current offer! Saves a bunch.

Save your holiday party from cancellation now! We can help you plan a cost savvy cooking celebration that will be fun, memorable, build morale and best of all taste delicious! Contact Parties That Cook’s event planners at or 1-888-907-2665. Or just fill out our simple online form for immediate assistance.

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