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Parties That Cook Hosts the Inaugural Cooking with Kindness…and Firemen

Rather than dive right into the juicy event recap, I’d like to tell this story from the very beginning. Near the end of 2011, Parties That Cook hosted a corporate team building event for AppliedMicro. This, however, was not the typical corporate holiday party. Inspired to give back, the AppliedMicro team wanted to donate the food prepared to their buddies at the Boys and Girls Club. What we came up with was essentially our very first, very unofficial, Cooking with Kindness event. (Read more on that holiday party here.)

The event was such a hit that we knew we needed to offer our clients the opportunity to give back on a more regular basis. Brainstorming ensued, and Cooking with Kindness was born.

Last Friday, our crew of selfless volunteers (all PTC staff) arrived at the Hamilton Family CenterĀ in San Francisco. Together, they prepared and served a delicious, healthy meal for families at the center. It was great to see how appreciative the families were (and how much those kids can eat!). Warm and fuzzy feelings spread quickly.

Thanks to this successful trial run, the event timeline was nailed down and logistical kinks were smoothed out. One such mishap involved smoke, fire alarms, a few firemen and a whole lot of detective work. I’m sure some of our volunteers appreciated the break intervention. BIG thanks to our lovely team of volunteers, the friendly firemen, and the incredibly helpful Hamilton Family Center staff! We are very excited to offer a flawless, feel-good option for corporate team building events just in time for the holiday season!