Cheese Souffle

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  1. Andy Abraham says:

    I hope the cheese souffle recipe comes out as in the picture…The picture is wonderful…thanks


  2. Hi Andy – Yes! It will turn out just like this, so long as you have the right equipment (souffle baking dish + collar). We added mustard and lemon juice to kick the flavor up a notch – it was a bit flat before we baked it. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Ann says:

    Lost my old copy of Joy which had in it a recipe for a made-in-advance cheese souffle.

    I want to pass this along to a friend, but I cannot find the same recipe in the new Joy.

    I need to know up to how many hours in advance this souffle can be made (and refrigerated) and how long it would need to sit before baking.

    I’m hoping you have a copy of the old Joy! Thanks, AW

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