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Hungry for More: Omnivore Books

One of our new favorite spots in the city is Omnivore Books on Cesar Chavez. By the name, one might expect a small, dark bookstore with books like “Meat: How to Kill and Eat”. Au Contraire! Omnivore Books is an adorable and bright new bookstore that features everything to satiate the taste of anyone interested in indulging themselves in all things food. From vintage cookbooks to books on food to modern and local favorites like A-16 and a Platter of Figs. They also have signed books; an impressive collection including the likes of Michael Pollan, Nicolette and Bill Niman (now there are some omnivores!), Jacques Pepin, and M.F.K. Fisher, just to name a few.

Another thing we love about Omnivore is their array of different events that they offer at their bookstore! Many of the authors housed in the store have stepped foot inside to give their insight on the topic du jour. Some of their upcoming events include a talk with Paula Wolfert (Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking) and Patricia Unterman (owner of Hayes Street Grill and author of San Francisco Food Lover’s Guide). At the end of the month, they are having a punch contest!

We love that the store came from a love for food and a unique passion for collecting antique cookbooks. As the site says, it is very interesting to note the similarities and huge differences in food culture between time periods. We can’t wait to attend some of the events and watch Omnivore grow!