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Oscar Party Menu: Recipes Inspired by The 2014 Best Picture Nominees

Margherita Pizza

We’re so excited for the 86th Academy Awards, we decided to create the ultimate Oscar party menu. Each recipe is below is inspired by one of the Best Picture nominees. Whether you base your menu on your favorite nominees, or pick the recipes you’d like to try, serving these dishes at your own Oscar-themed party is a win-win!

Haven’t seen all of the films nominated? Take it easy on movie night and just enjoy the paired recipe as you catch up.

Fried Olives

American Hustle – We’re throwing our fake British accent out the window in favor of these Fried Olives Stuffed with Sweet Italian Sausage. They’re so simple to make; you won’t even need to know how to use a microwave.

Nebraska – Strike it rich with this delicious introduction to the Cornhusker State. We’re talking Cornbread Tartlets. The fresh Ricotta and Tomatoes are just the cherry heirlooms on top.

SamosasCaptain Phillips – Somalian Samosas typically have minced meat in them, but you can just pirate some… Enjoy these Vegetable Samosas with your afternoon tea, and we guarantee a more relaxing experience than Captain Philips had.

The Wolf Of Wall Street – Take advantage of your new-found wealth and go big with this rich Mac n Cheese recipe. Lobster and crab are sure to make this a better meal than your favorite blue box.

Asparagus StrataPhilomena – If you think omelets are great, you’ll flip over this eggy dish. With more substance than your average omelet, possibly because it’s not an omelet, our recipe for Asparagus Strata with Leeks makes the perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner (if you’re bold).

Her – On the cutest date involving an OS we’ve ever seen, Theodore closes his eyes and asks for “cheese, please.” Upgrade your slice with our Margherita Pizza Recipe.

Steak RecipeDallas Buyers Club – When we think of Texas, we think steak, and Ron’s dinner date with Dr. Eve doesn’t disappoint. This T-bone Steak recipe is the perfect way to live rich and eat well while you can.

12 Years A Slave – Grab some berries (make sure they’re juicy!) and whip up a fantastic Seasonal Fruit Potpie. This sweet treat will be something to write home about.

Banana SoufflesGravity – Defy gravity with this light and fluffy Banana Soufflé recipe. Should you ever find yourself lost in space, this delicious dish might just haunt your dreams.