Think You Can’t Get Back to the Land in an Urban Society? Think again.

Sustainability: Anywhere.

Movies like Food, Inc. have helped open the eyes of many to the increasing distance growing between people and their food sources. As a result, the homesteading movement has gained major ground, and is sure to continue attracting new homesteaders into the future. This may seem difficult to do, considering how quickly rural areas are transformed into urban neighborhoods. Companies like FarmCurious, however, exist to solve that exact problem. FarmCurious was created by Nicole Kramer to help educate individuals interested in urban homesteading.  Kramer even facilitates the process by selling all the tools necessary for urban homesteading online!

More Than Just Information

FarmCurious has found a way to make urban homesteading education fun! Introducing the FarmCurious Urban Homesteading Party. These home presentations bring Kramer right to you for demonstrations and discussions on everything related to homesteading. Not to worry, you don’t have to be a homesteading aficionado to host one of these parties. Kramer will not only explain the benefits of producing your own food, but she will show you how to do it! Topics include making jams (preserving), making yogurt (culturing), brewing/wine making, growing your own produce, and conserving what you make. Best of all, FarmCurious brings delicious samples –for free! –and offers discounts on products purchased at the party!

Party with A Purpose

Kramer ultimately hopes to open her own brick and mortar store. In addition to hosting parties, Kramer can be found selling urban homesteading tools at events like Eat Real Fest August 27-29, and the San Francisco Underground Market on September 11 in Oakland’s Jack London Square to reach this goal. To learn more about FarmCurious Urban Homesteading Parties, check out the Educate tab on the FarmCurious website. For tips and stories straight from urban homesteader Nicole Kramer, go to her blog on FarmCurious!

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