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San Francisco Mobile Food Trucks

Nothing says happy birthday quite like pie!  In celebration of Rosie’s birthday, Parties That Cook decided to sample some delicious treats from Alameda Pie.

Their concept is simple and splendid- they make delicious pies and bring them to you.  With deliveries to Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland and Central SF on Fridays and/or Saturdays (check out their website for delivery details) what better way to kick off the weekend!

After a quick re-heat in the oven, we feasted on four different pies:

Chicken Dinner Pie- If there are two things I’ve learned from Parties That Cook, they are:

1)  Cooking parties are awesome!
2)  Pie crust could rival chocolate covered pretzels as my new favorite snack.

With just an extra pinch of salt, the crust was scrumptious and tasty.  This pie was my personal favorite.  The filling was just as you’d imagine- savory, comforting and delectable.  Nothing complicated or fancy, just shredded chicken, carrots, peas and celery.  Simply delicious.

Veggie Coconut Curry Pot Pie- This was a crowd pleaser.  The spicy curry had a flavorful kick that kept us coming back for seconds (…and thirds).

Banana Cream- Banana cream pie is my go-to pie (we all have a go-to pie…right?).  What can I say, I like it.  So when Bibby told us this was one of the pies she ordered, my ears perked up and my mouth watered.  I was hoping for more pieces or chunks of banana in the filling, but this was still very satisfying.

Strawberry Rhubarb- Bliss in a dish (or pie crust).  Another group favorite!  The combination of sweet and tart was perfect.

Post Alameda Pie lunch resulted in pie comas for all of us!  Writing about it makes me want to try the beef stew pie.

Next up, we’re going to try Bike Basket Pies, pie delivery by bike.  We can’t wait!

Tell us about some of your favorite places for all things delectably delicious!  Or join us in the kitchen for some hands-on fun at our cooking classes open to the public.  Until next time,  bon appétit!

Contributed by Krystal Shih